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Hey, {$firstName}. Wondering why I might be a good resource for your business development needs? Start with how I approach new business from the posts below. But you know, the best way to decide is to talk about your challenges and the things I can do to help solve them. When you are ready, let's schedule a call so I can understand those challenges and outline an approach that I think will help you.

3 different approaches to new business

How long does it take to get a new client

The prospect opportunity pipeline

So many agencies, so little difference

Why isn't my agency win rate better

Don’t let new business control you

A proven track record of success

It’s been my world for more than 20 years. Not as a consultant but in the trenches of small and mid-size agencies. Those agencies gained new clients and millions of dollars in GI for the owners. Each shared many of the same challenges you do – no time, limited resources, inadequate tools, outdated positioning, no content, lack of focus, too many misses, and the list goes on. I work with you to define and execute a customized business development program based on your goals so that the right prospects are aware of the agency, understand its value and services, and have interest when their time comes. Read more about my past agency and client experience.  See a few examples of past client wins.

A common sense approach

Everyone wants to win Nike. But not every agency can. Each has its sweet spot, the kind of clients that value what it does and are more likely to benefit from its services. I don’t have a golden rolodex or connections waiting around to meet you. I use the things that have made the agency successful to define companies and prospects with a higher potential to value what you do. It’s not rocket science. It’s a common-sense approach to win more clients and better clients focusing precious time and resources on the things that have a higher probability of success. Read more about my approach.

Predictable pipeline

I put you and your team in the best possible position to win today and tomorrow through a planned, predictable and repeatable program. You will develop a pipeline of opportunity to plan what’s possible this quarter, second half, next year and years ahead. Using your agency’s new business percentages, you can forecast growth and decide what and where to commit your time and resources. You will be able to better manage your business development and not be managed by it. Read more about how I develop a predictable pipeline

Lasting improvements

My services are designed with the end in mind. I set up a process that can easily be internalized whenever you feel you have the staff and knowledge to be successful on your own. I train your staff to keep the program going after I leave. I can continue as an advisor to keep the program on track and performing at its peak throughout the ebb and flow of agency life. You’ll have the tools, processes, and confidence to keep it running and keep you growing. Read more about how to make your agency your best client.

Still not sure? Read what agency presidents, search consultants and colleagues have to say. You might find the answers from their experience.

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